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The primary business strategy for a shared services and outsourcing is to carry out transaction processing in effective and efficient manner, according to standardized and simplified processes assuring strong governance framework and compliance environment.

Projects complexity: solutions delivered on country, regional level and for centralized services (SSCs) environment

Projects complexity: solutions proposed & implemented in centralized services (SSCs) environment and hybrid models (captive environment combined with external service provider / on regional, global level

Projects complexity: regional and global SSC structures set up / business model change; local business structures remodeling   

Projects complexity: local, regional and global transitions including parallel process transformation and new technology implementation or simple lift & shift approach 

Projects complexity: local customizations, regional and global standards design & implementation initiatives,

Projects complexity: regional and global approach, per area (e.g. finance), per end to end process (e.g. Procure to Pay)

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About us

4 Synchronicity is an alliance of business driven advisors with the longstanding practice in SSC and outsourcing sector.   

We are the group of recognized professionals with a proven track record of success in defining needs, measuring possibilities, implementation changes for global players.

Our first-hand experience results from global projects and strategic initiatives we performed either stand-alone or in partnership with leading global organizations.

We have learned what makes the project successful but have also experienced the effort put in  a project failure risk mitigation.

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